1969 d penny

1969 d penny

Searching pocket change for error coins can be fun and profitable, but searching through rolls of uncirculated coins can sometimes turn up real treasure! Tremonti sent the coin to PCGS for grading and encapsulation.

1969 d penny

Experts estimate that the number of known specimens of this S doubled die penny is only about 40 to 50 coins.

Potter also says that when Tremonti first called him, he was very skeptical. I advised him of this, but he shrugged it off as not being what he found. As I talked to him further, he seemed to be knowledgeable on the subject. It seemed that for once there was a possibility that one of the folks making the common claim of finding a S doubled die cent might have done so.

To my surprise, the coin turned out to be a beautiful, brilliant uncirculated example of this rare variety. The S doubled die cent has a notorious history. Around the time of its discovery ina pair of scammers had tried to cash in by making counterfeit doubled die cents.

According to Potter, it was just a bizarre coincidence that forgers happened to be making fake doubled die pennies at the same time that a genuine mint error emerged with the same date! Secret Service agents immediately seized it, believing that it was one of the counterfeit coins. The Secret Service later returned the coin to him as genuine. The U. It took the U.

1969 d penny

Treasury Department some time to sort the mess out and return the genuine specimens to their owners. Unfortunately, the U. Treasury Department reportedly destroyed a few genuine S pennies as counterfeits. As often happens when a particular coin gets a lot of press coverage, the demand intensifies, and the coin rises in value.

1969 d penny

To this day, the major S doubled die obverse cent drives higher prices at auction than its contemporaries which display comparable doubling, such as the major doubled die obverse cent although the S is rarer.

Whether you are checking your pocket change or searching through rolls of original bank wrapped coins, there are still errors to be found. This coin is tied with one other specimen for MS Red. Its current whereabouts are unknown. Regardless of this coin's condition, it will always sell for top dollar whenever it comes to an auction.

Note : Ken Potter provided additional information about the source of the lucky roll of coins. It seems Tremonti doesn't recall when or where he bought the roll.


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What Is It? The Best Of Results 1 to 9 of 9. Got to work this morning and as usual pulled out my pocket change, I noticed the D right off the bat then I thought oh someone cleaned it so I put it back in my pocket.

When I got a few minutes I got my 15X out and took a peak, no evidence of cleaning no signs of copper anywhere including the rim. I was getting a little excited. When I got into the sunlight I pulled it out again and could see a hint of copper very slight copperish only visible in sunlight. I took a file to the rim and shaved a few flakes off. Same dullish gold color all the way through.

Anyone have any ideas?? Maybe it is worth a buck or two!! Attached Thumbnails. Charlie P. Somewhere in the world are hundreds of silver plated cents from just my high school's photography lab. We used to leave the cents in the developer over a weekend and they would be nicely silver plated by Monday. I'm sure coins have been brass plated, silver plated, gold plated, galvanized and parkerized by bored or mischievous folks since the time of alchemists who were trying to "make" gold.

America was founded by tough hell-raisers. Rugged citizens who evaded taxes, spoke strongly against tyranny, grew tobacco, brewed beer, distilled spirits, and smuggled weapons. And it will be saved by those same types of citizens. I got a gold plated P mint. I am still quite up in the air, if the coin was plated with anything wouldnt the copper show up after I filed some stuff off the edge? I tried to get a picture but it didnt work out to well.

It looks to be cleaned and maybe a bit porous but I am not sure. Why would you clean a D cent?? It is the same color as far through as I filed, not much but enough that plating or anything would be exposed. Could some kind of chemical reaction turned this coin the golden color?? If it did, could it seep into several layers of the chemical?? I have no clue. I guess it is possible. Thanks for the help. At an old job, we plated several pennies with gold.E-mail Error message here!

Password Hide Error message here! Remember me. Lost your password? Please enter your email address. You will receive a link to create a new password. The D Lincoln Memorial Cent is common in all grades. The higher grade coins will show a very significant amount of details and will face up nicely for collectors. The text on the Lincoln one cent coin reads as follows. If you are looking to purchase one of these coins, they can typically be found with little difficulty.

As always, look for the high grade coins, and if available, try to get a coin that is already certified. Our coin experts are interested in making offers on any coin that is a high Mint State Grade such as MS67 and higheror any coin that has a double die variety or other Mint error.

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If you have one of these coins, please contact us to have the coin appraised. We are rare coin experts and can make you an offer for what your coin is worth. For circulated coins in low grades, you can easily buy or sell a Lincoln penny by visiting your local coin dealer. If you have any more questions about one cent coins, please contact our experts.

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Inherit some coins? Our coin forum is completely free! Register Now! First off, thanks for having me here and second, sorry about photo quality. My Galaxy was destroyed last night and lost all my good quality pictures. Now using a horrible phone momentarily. I am very new to coin collecting, started a couple months ago. Eager to learn and have found many interesting coins I would like to post eventually. Report this Post to the Staff. The FG initials are still there, I can see them plain as day.

This is not a broadstrike, this is a Misaligned Die. Second, I see evidence of a slightly mis-aligned die on the front of this coin. Not so much on it being a broad strike though. Can you please tell us the diameter of this coin?

Silver Cents, I may be blind then. I tuly dont see it. Spence how do I get the diameter? I figured I used the wrong term broadstrike. Only 2 answers I founf on google was that or offcenter. I need to look up mis-aligned die. Thanks you both for replying. It's all good, sometimes we miss spots on the coin. Just scan over it too quickly. You can get the diameter by taking a ruler, and simply measuring the length of the coin, the diameter.

Not sure how else to describe it. Off center is when both sides are simultaneously misaligned.

Lincoln Memorial Penny (1959 to Today) Values and Prices

A misaligned die is when one side is. I'm seeing a misaligned die and pretty good evidence given the reverse photo posted that the FG is there--not bold and razor sharp, but present.Here is a question for everyone. I found this D Lincoln Memorial Reverse cent while roll searching. As you can see in the photos below, I hope, it is missing the FG initials of Frank Gasparro, the designer of the reverse. In the book Cherrypickers' Guide-fifth edition it is listed as a variety "Missing Designer's Initials".

It has a FSD number. The authors maintain that during die polishing the initials were completely polished away. Other people feel that the die was filled with grease or some form of dirt. If that is so, then it is not a Variety.

What do you think? I tried posting this as a blog but got no where. Maybe this way of posting will work better. I just went through my bag of 60's Cents and out of 20 or so 69 "D" i found one with no FG, I'm curious about this too as no real answer came up on a google search.

1969 d penny error

From what I've been able to find out so far is that its pretty common for them to try to extend the life of the dies by polishing them, When this is done some small details are lost. Like the bands on the reverse of a Rosey. I've never seen one in a early die state so I can't answer the question.

I've found several and didn't see a pattern of polish lines. I do know that the grading services don't agree on the characteristics. Longstrider Posts. NumistmaNerd 16 Posts. Ok you guys, now I have to go through mine. Lol : Let me know what you find out.Discussion in ' Error Coins ' started by DeniseFeb 3, Log in or Sign up.

Coin Talk. This D penny seems not to have the FG signature. It's not in the best condition tho so any thoughts? DeniseFeb 3, Log in or Sign up to hide this ad. Maybe due to an over polished Die.

1969 d penny

This would cause the Initials to disappear. Also evidence is the Floating Roof. If you or anyone else have never heard of it Here is an enlargement of your Cent.

1969 d penny error

Denisetmeyer and Fallguy like this. Did not notice the floating roof. Fallguy likes this. Is this something a collector looks for? I don't know if it's something one looks for collects but it sure is KOOL! Thanks paddyman98 for giving that artifact a name. FallguyFeb 3, Denise and paddyman98 like this. Denise likes this. Last edited: Feb 3, Not sure if it has much value as a true numismatic item, but I'm sure some people on here will chime in.

KentuckyFeb 3, Aren't there sites to sell these besides EBay? CheechFeb 3, I was looking through a box of pennies when I came over this very different penny.

It almost looks like a gold dollar, and the date is kind of faded. Because it was made beforeit has 2 cents worth of copper in it. That's all.

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Coins turn all sorts of colors, either from they're exposed to or what people do to them on purpose. Either way, it turns a potential collector coin into a coin with no collector value. Uncirculated coins can acquire natural coloring called toning, and if it's attractive rainbow toningit adds value.

But not to circulated coins. Some cents actually look gold color for the planchet may be more brass than copper. This happens when the tin or zinc added to the copper is more tin than zinc. So cents pop up from time to time a brass color. Some dates are more common than others from what I have read over the years. As for value I di not keep up with them for this type item. Also on the other hand it could be environmental damage such as bring in water or near a chemical.

Best bet here is to send a color scan to an error specialist such as Ken Potter kpotter aol. Somebody probably just exposed it to something that altered the color. For the gold color, it's likely heat. Trending News.

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